Farm Fresh Produce at Heritage Farms

Stop by for some farm fresh produce. We have peaches, cherries, blueberries, cucumbers, apples, and much, much more. Stop in the market or give us a call to see what seasonal produce is available. Whether you’re into canning, baking, or just want a delicious seasonal meal, we have what you need!

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ProduceStart of HarventEnd of Harvest
AsparagusEarly MayEarly June
ZucchiniMid JuneEarly September
SquashMid JuneEarly September
StrawberriesEarly JuneLate June
BlueberriesLate JuneEarly September
Sweet CherriesEarly JuneLate July
CucumbersLate JuneMid September
PicklesLate JuneMid September
Split PeasMid JulyEarly September
ApricotsMid JulyEarly August
Sweet CornMid JulyMid September
Green BeansLate JulyLate August
PeachesLate JulyMid September
ApplesEarly AugustMid November
PotatoesEarly AugustMid September
OnionsEarly AugustMid September
BeetsEarly AugustMid September
TomatoesEarly AugustEarly October
Bell PeppersMid AugustMid September
JalapenosMid AugustMid September
NectarinesMid AugustEarly September
PlumsEarly SeptemberMid October
PearsEarly SeptemberMid October
PumpkinsMid SeptemberMid November
GourdsMid SeptemberMid November
Apple CiderMid SeptemberMid November
Heritage HoneyEarly JulyEarly December

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